Frederik Næblerød Danish, b. 1988

Frederik Næblerød (b. 1988) is a Danish artist who lives and works in Copenhagen. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Visual Arts in 2018. 


Næblerød explores current sociopolitical events, trends and his inner reflections through various mediums such as oil on canvas, drawings, glue, plaster, ceramics and site-specific installations. He is purposely referencing his surroundings with objects and figures that appear strikingly playful and grotesque at the same time. He embodies a hurricane and chaos, with an almost spiritual stillness.


Recent exhibitions include solo show Mental Make-up, Alice Folker Gallery, FED LER - Krukker i kunsten nu, Gl. Holtegaard, Philipp Haverkampf, Berlin, Politikens Forhal and Kunsthal for Maritim Æstetik as well as a group show at Anat Ebgi Gallery in Los Angeles and at NADA 2017 in Miami by Canada Gallery (NYC). Notable collections include The Danish Arts Foundation, Ny Carlsberg Foundation and Vejle Kunstmuseum.