Sola Olulode (b. 1996) is based in London and received her BA in Fine Art Painting from the University of Brighton in 2018. 

Her dreamy queer visions explore embodiments of British Black Womxn and Non-Binary Folx. Working with various mediums of natural dyeing, batik, wax, ink, pastel, oil bar, and impasto she develops textural canvases that explore the fluidities of identities. Drawing inspiration from lived experience, friends, and cultural reference points to centre Black Queer Womxn, Sola emphasises the integral need of representation and celebration of queer intimacies. 

Her utopian scenes celebrate relationships that transcend crude notions of queer sexuality, her figures exemplify the warm embrace of queer love, a temporal space to bathe in memories of intimacies abundant with scenes of profoundly deep tender connections. Envisaging a world reflective of the celebration of her own identities Sola brings to life representation and visibility of Black Queer lived experiences. Her figures represent multifaceted complex individuals and the energy they hold in their bodies relishing in a boundless temporality of self-validation and joy.


Recent notable exhibitions include; ‘An Infinity of Traces’, Lisson Gallery, London (2021); ‘Breakfast Under The Tree’, Carl Freedman Gallery, Margate (2021); ‘In Heavenly Blue’, Pacers Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria (2021) and ‘Victoria Miro X OUT Collective’, Vortic  (2021). In 2021 she was also selected by Art Historian Aindrea Emelife for two fantastic projects; a limited edition print for Avant Arte and the exhibition ‘Bold, Black, British’ at Christie’s in London. This November Sola will have her first solo exhibition in New York City, with Sapar Contemporary.