​​Group Show

4 - 7 February 2021

London, UK

Berntson Bhattacharjee is pleased to present our first London show, Selfhood, a group exhibition of new works by five emerging artists; Emily Platzer, Katy Stubbs, Mary Stephenson, Olivia Sterling and Yulia Iosilzon.


The title Selfhood draws inspiration from Danish philosopher Kierkegaard’s thoughts and writings on what it means to have an authentic and true individuality, achieving selfhood being the ultimate goal. He writes that art allows us to explore our individuality, which further leads us to our true selves. It is both the practice of making art which does this, and also experiencing art as the viewer. According to Kierkegaard, we can use the artistic process to search for ourselves, each painting bringing us closer.  


We are working with these artists because we feel their art is a true expression of their inner identities. Each coming with different perspectives on life, they explore themes of society, race, family, femininity and sexuality. Despite working in different manners, each with their own distinct style and process, these artists and their works have a cohesive aesthetic and philosophy. 


The exhibition will be held during the first week of February 2021 in a converted Church Hall by Brompton Cemetery in the heart of West London.