The Wick's Weekly Spotlight on 'Ones to Watch' Featuring Rafaela de Ascanio

The Wick Culture, February 22, 2022
We are delighted that The Wick chose Rafaela for their weekly artist spotlight. We spoke to them about our recent exhibition 'The Pump House' and why we love her work. Please click the link below to read the full interview with us and Rafaela. 
“When we curated The Pump House show, we wanted to bring the outdoor feel to the ground floor, and were looking for sculptures that could uplift the room in an immersive way. Many sculptors are just focused on sculpture, but Rafaela is also focused on painting. We visited her studio — this lovely place in Islington, a small, beautiful room with high ceilings and her kiln in her garden. It was quite a dream, and it already had that immersive experience feel that we were looking for, with beautiful canvases full of colours that were mirrored in the sculptures in the bookcase, and sketches spread out on the floor. We knew we’d found the perfect artist for the exhibition,” says Berntson.