Maddie Yuille

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Maddie Yuille (b. 1988) is an artist living and working in London. She graduated from City and Guilds of London Art School in 2019 with a Distinction in MA Fine Art. 

Her practice focuses on painting and the process of translation from digital to painted image, based on a close, fragmentary looking. Most recently, she has been exploring images of bodies in distress – working specifically from video footage shot by ISIS depicting captees being transported. She is interested in the culpability of the artist and viewer in witnessing these moments of fragility and vulnerability, and in how her use of materials can communicate her emotional response to the original video footage.

Prior to this work, her paintings have explored her immediate environment, depicting fragments of domestic environments devoid of people, in which she attempts to make physical the uncanny sensation of the inanimate becoming enlivened. She works from her own photographs, exploring the boundaries between spaces – of the interior and exterior, the known and unknown. Through painting, she creates shifting worlds built up in layers of translucent colour, in which a tension lingers that the human presence implied may be just about to appear.


Recent exhibitions include; Ashurst Emerging Artist Award, Ashurst, London (2020); A DREAM IS NOT A DREAM, Purslane, online (2020); Rooms, Subsidiary Projects, online (2020); What She Didn’t Say, Thames Side Studios Gallery, London (2020); A Little Painting Show, Brunswick Gallery, Leeds (2020). Maddie has been shortlisted for Ashurst Emerging Artist Award (2020), Contemporary British Painting Prize (2019), and the ACS Studio award (2019). 

Selected Artworks