Katy Stubbs

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Katy Stubbs (b. 1992) was born in Hong Kong but grew up in London. She studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York.


Based in Brixton, Stubbs predominantly works in ceramics, using the hand-made forms as a canvas for her interest in the tradition of storytelling. “I love the idea of little scenes or still lifes that are of things that could be easily ignored. But by making them from clay they become special."


Katy’s background in illustration is evident in her meticulously-detailed ceramics and ink drawings. Katy recently completed a residency at ALMA ZEVI (Venice, Italy) in March-April 2019. Her first solo show with ALMA ZEVI, Price Choppers, was held in October 2020 in London.

Photo credit Enrico Fiorese

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