June Spotlight

The Drawing Room: A Closer Look

In this month's spotlight we would like to take a closer look at our recent exhibition 'The Drawing Room'. 


This exhibition was held in conjunction with 'Selfhood', and featured London based artists who all turned to paper as a medium during the lockdown. Many artists were unable to access their studios during the pandemic, so paper for many became the only way to keep working. Despite the limitations of this, many artists we spoke to very much enjoyed this time and felt a freedom to explore and develop their techniques in ways they had not done before. The immediacy of paper creates a spontaneity which can help artists experiment. This exhibition celebrated a very unique moment in time when working on paper became a means of survival for countless artists. 

Works on paper are a fantastic way to start collecting, both in terms of size and price. We felt that it was important to offer a more accessible option to new collectors, with the prices in this exhibition ranging from £300-£1000.  

Many works in the show can be seen as self portraits, or at least reflections of the inner self. Below we have selected four works from the exhibition to delve into further. Scroll down to find them! Download the full list of works here

Catherine Repko, Flock

Catherine Repko



Oil pastel on paper

29.7 x 42 cm

This intimate painting by Catherine Repko offers a glimpse into a private moment. Catherine's work centers around the theme of sisterhood and family, this piece being a perfect example of how she creates a feeling of love and closeness.   

Sola Olulode, Striped Covers

Sola Olulode

Striped Covers


Monoprint, ink and oil pastel on paper 

42 x 29.7 cm 

Sola Olulode's practice focuses on love between women. This piece is part of a larger body of works which depict couples in bed. Sola is exploring the romance and intensity of a blossoming love, while the setting of the bed creates a playful intimacy between the lovers. 

Bart Hajduk, Wet dreams keep me warm in winter.jpg

Bart Hajduk

Wet dreams keep me warm in winter


Pastel on paper

84 x 59 cm

Bart Hajduk's works can be described as 'dreamscapes' - supernatural scenes which have been inspired by his dreams. They offer an insight into Bart's subconscious. At first glance the work seems fit for a fairytale with the soft colours and mythical creatures, however upon closer look the work becomes highly sexualised.

Tobi Alexandra Falade, Faces 2

Tobi Alexandra Falade

Faces 2


Oil on paper

41 x 31 cm

For this exhibition Tobi Alexandra Falade made a series of Faces, close up portraits of friends and family members.  The cropped face is very striking and gives the viewer a sense of nostalgia.Tobi's work is often inspired by family photographs  from her childhood and explore themes of identity and belonging.