Pop-Up Exhibition

Stäying Sane

2 - 31 July 

Mellangatan 44, Skanör 239 30



BB Gallery was started in 2020 by Lovisa Berntson and India Bhattacharjee as a Pop-Up concept to celebrate contemporary artists.


Their first exhibition 'Stäying Sane' will take place in Skanör, Sweden in July 2020 and features eleven exceptional artists from the UK and Sweden. Inspired by Louise Bourgeois' artworks and philosophy 'Art Is a Guarantee of Sanity', this exhibition aims to help keep us sane even in the strangest of times. It is important to look to the artists for their support and creativity, as out of dark times comes great art. Many exhibitions and events in the art world have been postponed due to the Corona virus and BB Gallery is excited to offer a platform in Sweden to these inspiring emerging artists. 



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